We have worked with startups all around the world.

Original ideas into digital work.

“We love working with startups because they are filled with the passion, drive, and determination to improve their industry — or sometimes, to create an entirely new one.”

“Because we have been with many of our clients from their very beginning stages, the relationships that we build are very special.”

The startup scene is growing every day, but also the difference between startups and traditional design agencies. Startups are led by entrepreneurs with an appetite for calculated risk. They understand the need to keep costs low and generate market value. The successful ones are then rewarded by the marketplace. Agencies are led by marketers who are encouraged to increase billable costs and whose incentives aren’t directly tied to a return on the investment. Instead, their reward comes from industry accolades. This is a conflict. It’s an industry trapped by a system that dates back to the 60’s. That is boring!

Born in the heart of London’s vibrant startup community we wanted to fill the gap between traditional agencies and startups and build a design studio that is more congruent to startup culture and core values. From there we have worked with startups all around the world. Our founder Max worked for a few years in agencies in Germany and the UK, moved in to freelance and started gradually building up a company that works with clients rather than for them: “Our main goal with each startup is to become a part of their team. If they succeed, we succeed.”

Our services.

Graphic Design
Design helps people understand content. Our goal is to help you both look amazing and communicate effectively.
Pitch Decks & Presentations
With our decks we’ve helped startups to successfully raise money, win scholarships and get into accelerators such as 500 Startups.
Branding & Identity
Every startup needs a face, a character, an identity. Visual branding is much more than just making a logo – it’s an illustrated story.
Iconography & Infographics
We also create custom iconography and infographics as powerful visuals to clarify, illustrate, or educate.
UI/UX Design
Creating a user interface with user centric design that makes your product a pleasure to use and works across all the necessary devices.
Social Content & Ad Sets
We help you with concept & design for marketing and social media content that will help your business reach its full viral potential.
Prototyping & User testing
With the idea in place we help you to realise the vision and work with you on comprehensive, high fidelity wireframes and MVPs.
Print & Packaging Design
Although we are in a very technological time, print design can still be powerful. We design everything that is printable.